Less talk

Atlanta writer Tayari Jones implores her readers not to “lose sight of the fact the people [displaced by Katrina] need food and shelter more than they need insightful social critique.”

Given the influx of former New Orleans residents into Baton Rouge, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is a decent option. Or you can send books and games to displaced children. Or find something else.

And as long as we’re on the subject of money: I hate to grumble about the $2,000 debit card deal before it even gets off the ground. It’s a good start. But you can see where it’s going, can’t you? It’s poised to turn into the relief version of those $300 “tax rebate checks” — a pittance dressed up as a small windfall, and designed to distract from the larger problem of poverty that Americans refuse to acknowledge, unless of course they’re worked up about the lazy, ungrateful poor.

How long after the funds are distributed before Chertoff dispatches a host of reporters to photograph a big guy swiping his card for some Milky Ways and a six pack?


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