In lieu of a thousand words

Sorry to leave you hanging. I’ll see if I can’t* get some stuff up here later today.

For now, take a look at Nancy Crampton’s gorgeous photos of writers like Joseph Heller (so friendly-looking!), Anne Sexton (pictured above), Truman Capote, Maurice Sendak, John Cheever, W.H. Auden, Alice Walker, John Edgar Wideman, and more.

Crampton’s photo of James Baldwin is featured on the cover of the latest Poets & Writers, which includes a portfolio of her work.

* Yes, this is a southern construction. And yes, I could just as easily say “see if I can” or, more economically, “try to.” But I’m rehearsing for the next time I’m stuck talking to a Bennington grad at a party. I’ve also been carrying around a lasso and a piece of hay to chew on.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll pull out some of Granny’s sayings and channel Lyndon Johnson’s pants order.


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