DeLay indicted; jobs for writers; other causes for celebration

As if the Tom DeLay indictment weren’t enough to send me on a triumphant five-day bender, I turn my back for a second, and my favorite political blogger, Holly Martins, resurfaces at Wonkette and spends the afternoon riffing on the House Majority Leader’s fall from grace. I haven’t laughed this hard all week. (And no, it has nothing to do with the celebratory flask of bourbon taped under my desk.)

On a book-related note, you know how everybody’s always proclaiming the death of fiction? Well, here’s a job tip for you novelists out there: if you can’t sell your book — and especially if you can — maybe you can advise the government on the finer points of science!

Martins reports that Michael Crichton’s vision is now the North Star by which the majority party charts its course on global warming.

Crichton is testifying today before Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe’s Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The man who gave the world Disclosure — you know, the book that demonstrated sexual harassment is a tool of oppression wielded by powerful women over their countless male-drone underlings — will now be holding forth on the state of global warning. His qualifications, you ask? He’s written a novel on the subject, and — we hope you’re sitting down — the book in question, State of Fear, is, in the words of our tipster, “a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat story about its hero’s struggle against those who are trying to dupe the world into thinking global warming is a real problem.”

So, you see, the 17,000 hurricanes that have hit the U.S. in the past couple of years are just a nutty coincidence! And those typhoons in China? The tsunami? A manifestation of God’s displeasure with every country but our own. Pay no attention to those melting ice caps.

(Holly, man*, start a blog.)

* I’m assuming. (There’s that guy named Holly Martins in Graham Greene’s The Third Man.)


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