Complaints, of a personal and public nature

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

Like Maud, I’ve been obsessing over Katrina, when not packing dishes, hanging paintings crookedly on walls, frantically searching for the box containing the Maker’s Mark, and sustaining paper cuts over 75% of my body.

A word of explanation and apology: last week I moved. For the past ten days of so, my thoughts on books have been things like: Why are books so heavy? Why do I have so many of them? Why do people give dreadful, heavy books as gifts? And finally, with some peace in my heart at last, I thought: Books. They look good on shelves. Next week I hope to get back to occasionally reading them as well. Look for some literary thoughts then. For now, it’s all superficial, self-indulgent bouts of complaining, and Katrina-related links.


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