Back to the living

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

Oprah, presumably all de-Franzened after all this time, resumes inviting living authors on her show. James Frey, who says he wants to be the “greatest literary writer of his generation” is first up, with A Million Little Pieces. Maybe he’ll have to settle for best-selling. Publishers rejoice. Sonny Mehta (chairman of Knopf) says of Oprah’s Faulkner outing: “”The fact that she had 300,000 people reading William Faulkner over the summer – she should be given a cabinet post.”

Could the letter from Word of Mouth, an association of women authors, sent to Oprah earlier this year have had an impact? Or maybe it was just this Maxim review that pissed her off. (Doesn’t look like this reviewer has ever looked at an Oprah pick before. Otherwise he might have noticed all the rape, violence, addiction, genocide, murder and war before declaring Frey’s book non-Oprah material because there’s some angsty guy with a gun.)


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