News from down South

My favorite living New Orleans writer, Pia Z. Ehrhardt, checked in this afternoon. She and her husband and son are with family in Houston, and they’re not optimistic that they’ll have a house to go back to. Pia guest-blogged for this site in June, 2003, and wrote then about flooding during a New Orleans rainstorm and the crape myrtles in bloom.

And I just heard from Mr. Donnie Boman, who moved from Mississippi to my Brooklyn neighborhood with his girlfriend just the week before last. I won’t share all the personal details, but the two of them are still awaiting word from family in Bay St. Louis. His dad, stepmom and brother managed to escape from Slidell after their house was ravaged. I also have it on good authority that Carrie Hoffman is okay, and Boing Boing has word from Invisible Cowgirl Susannah Breslin.


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