The DaVinci Code: a defense

Possible SCA enthusiast/Wiccan Kelley Bell challenges Zoe Williams’ recent characterization of The Da Vinci Code as “a book that has been written with deliberate preteen simplicity, a very low level of ambiguity and an emphasis on dog-level clarity (Yes! No! Good! Bad!).”

Kelley sees the book as a timely, vital extension of “Grail Lore and Fairy tales”:

He book attacks the wicked step mother and seeks to put men and women back on equal footing.

That folks, it the secret of the Holy Grail.

It’s not hard to find if you strip away the armor of indoctronation, like Percivil did.

(All grammatical and typographical errors are taken from the original post.)

I think we now know the answer to Tingle Alley’s recent interrogatory:

DaVinci Code holds the number one slot again! Number one! Its 126th week on the list. How can this be? Who doesn’t yet have a copy? WHO IS STILL BUYING THIS BOOK?


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