Signing off

This post was written by regular Friday blogger Annie Reid.

As director of personnel here at Maud Newton dot com, it’s my woeful duty each August to perform semi-annual performance reviews. I try to remain objective, although I do sometimes spot the enigmatically pale Ms. Newton, striding purposefully amongst the cubicles, diminutive and excitable as an exclamation point in her tailored black suits, on her way to my office. I’m generally able to get into position under my desk with the lights dimmed before she can begin yet another of her many futile pleas for a raise — or the occasional blackmail threat to gain a promotion. She is unaware that the photographs are already on the internet – she is no threat to me! But I’m happy to report that after today’s performance, things may well be changing around here.

Ms. Newton should be finished moving into the corner office by Monday or so. Look for her return then.

See you soon.


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