• Says Dana, “When American Psycho was released, Bret Easton Ellis graduated from bete noir to criminally insane douchebag.” (For another take, see Gary Shteyngart’s Lunar Park review in this month’s Esquire.)
  • That “memoirist” I mentioned last week didn’t limit her plagiarism to Hilary Mantel’s work. She also decided to lift from some well-trodden classics, and now the book is off the shelves. (Thanks, James.)
  • “Real mathematicians have mixed feelings about mass-market yarns that present their domain as the stamping-ground of eccentrics, or even lunatics.”
  • Mark Sarvas interviews Riverhead’s Sean McDonald, who edits the work of George Saunders, James Frey, and John Hodgman. (See also a recent Mediabistro interview with McDonald and fellow editor Megan Lynch.)


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