PM Remainders

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Emma Garman.

  • Inspired by Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen’s recent request for political asylum in India, Prasenjit Chowdhury Kolkata discusses the plight of writers in exile.


  • Bad Sex Award Nominee Paul Theroux talks about trying hallucinogens and the unpornographic nature of his prose.



  • Author and blogger Damian McNichols admires Laila Lalami’s debut story collection, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits:

    The power of these stories lies in their universality: they show us that humanity has the same needs and problems, no matter whether we are rich or poor, or whether we stem from the sophisticated West or the sunwashed medinas of Morocco, and that the crossing of treacherous straits in pursuit of our dreams does not inevitably meet with success or happiness.



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