Not exactly what I meant, but close

Here’s a transcript of a recent IM session from a friend in Florida. (Posted with permission.)

Friend: My friend Maud told me about something called a ‘Girl Crush’ tonight. Ever heard of such a thing?

IM pal: No, what’s that?

Friend: Well, as I understand it, it’s when two girls go gaga for one another (in a hetero way), and it’s mostly devoid of the sexual connotations of a boy-girl crush. They just, you know, explode into one another… having this really strong bond right off the bat, not being able to get enough of each other’s attention…

Friend: I think I’ve decided you’re my Girl Crush. Hope you’re okay with that.

IM pal: Yes, totally.

[45 seconds of silence]

IM pal: As long as I can still flirt with you.

[another 45 seconds of silence]

Friend: Sweet jesus, yes.


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