“Bang goes morality”

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Emma Garman.

It’s been sixty years since Hiroshima: David Piling reviews three histories of the tragedy at the Financial Times, and reflects:

Today, people are used to living with the bomb. Yet the chances of nuclear attack are probably greater now than in the cold, bipolar world where deterrence held a grim logic. Dropping the atomic bomb on Japanese civilians is arguably the vilest single act one set of human beings has ever perpetrated on another. The depressing fact is that doing so was entirely in keeping with the history of the human race thus far.

75-year-old poet Yasuhiko Shigemoto talks to the Belfast Telegraph about his memories of seeing the carnage, which he decided to write about in Haiku:

Japanese haiku poets refused to write about Hiroshima because they thought it was too short. But I believe the shortness can be very profound. If you write well, the connotations of haiku, and the ability to stimulate the imagination, is very strong – not like a story at all.


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