Baby, you been stacked!

This post was written by regular Friday blogger Annie Reid.

Maud forwarded this piece of correspondence to me privately, but I really feel that it’s not right to hold back and not share it.

Here is a letter, a business inquiry, sent to our Maud:

Hi Maud:

My name is ***** and on behalf of [publisher], I’m currently helping spread the word about Pamela Anderson’s latest work, Star Struck. I noticed you mentioned in an earlier post about publishers plunking bucks into supporting books like Pam’s earlier work, Star, and thought your site’s target audience would really get a kick out of this book. Would you be interested in receiving a free copy of a Pam’s book in exchange for a piece on your site? Maybe several copies for a contest? You may want to write a review about the book, hold a book contest, write a small blurb and feature it somewhere on your site, or something along those line (if you come up with another idea, please let me know.) In return for your kindness and help, I will happily send you a copy.

If you’re interested, please get back to me and we can work out whatever is necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Regards,

And here, dear reader, is the graceful Maud’s response:

Dear *****:

Thanks for the note. I have no interest in Ms. Anderson except as an object of ridicule.

If you’d still like to send the book along, let me know.


For background reading, here’s Maud Newton doing Pamela Anderson, here and here. I’m not aware of any video, as of yet, but send the bootleg my way if you got a copy.

(If she keeps this up, it’ll be a smackdown with Kay Ryan for who gets to be my new girl crush. Fuck yeah.)


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