The cold economics of publishing

This post was written by guest blogger Andy Fine.

Let this be a lesson to all of you. Sometimes you can do things your own way, give ’em the finger, live off the grid*, manage to claw, scrape and struggle to some minor success, only to have the man come and bitch-slap you right back down to earth.

My man Pat Hughes gets a painful lesson in Publishing Econ 101.

It’s a long story, filled with drama and intrigue, but it’s not yet resolved, so I’m afraid any grisly details will be forthcoming. The short version is this: due to some kind of ill-defined production mishap, 10,000 hardback copies, complete with DVD, were printed with serious errors. Serious enough to preclude distribution. And last week some guy in some office somewhere decided it’d be easier to just scrap the whole thing than reprint it.

So that’s it. Right now, at least, a couple of Web links are the only evidence I have that I just didn’t cobble the whole shebang together in the throes of some awful opium dream.

Go to the 7/10 entry

Ouch, that just sucks.

*at least we still have John Twelve Hawks . . . .


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