Remains of the day, woeful edition

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

  • Posters for author Iain M Banks’ new book have sparked some controversy and may be removed from the London tube. (“The poster, which first appeared on the tube on July 4, included a line from Justina Robson’s review which appeared last year in the Guardian describing The Algebraist as ‘a perfect place to have your mind blown to smithereens’.)
  • The BBC reports that (what – malcontents? spoilerists? anti-billionaire activists?) ruined the lastest Harry Potter for drivers by posting signs revealing which character dies above a road near Telford.
  • Stella’s groove is all busted again. This must be so awful for her, I feel a bit bad even posting it. Not like it’s exactly hidden, there at the top of the book section.
  • Incendiary, the book about a London terrorist attack published on the day of the London terror attacks, takes the form of a letter by the grieving mother to Osama bin Laden. Here it is thoughtfully reviewed in the Age (“Before sitting down to write his first book, Chris Cleave would have thought long and hard. He would have considered that a respectful amount of time had passed – going on four years since the trigger event of 9/11”). Cleave himself either explores or exploits the situation by posting what can charitably be called the wildy diverse reviews that have been appearing.

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