• Tayari Jones recalls attending Vacation Bible School as an atheist.
  • God is still big business in the publishing world. And while many Christian writers believe their “novels are evangelical tools,” Douglas Kennedy argues that when you’re plunged into the one of the more insidious of them, you “don’t initially think you’re about to be plunged into a religious tract,” and “nothing on the cover [will hint at the book’s] pious subtext.”
  • Hunter S. Thomson’s remains are scheduled to be fired off on August 20.
  • Yeats’ letters and manuscript fetch £72,000 at auction.
  • AL Kennedy eviscerates the G8.
  • Laila Lalami reacts to the pervasive allegation that Muslims are “silent in the face of terror.”
  • Toni Morrison has picked up an honorary degree from Oxford.
  • On Book TV this weekend: writer Ray Bradbury emphasizes the importance of falling in love.
  • A Persian translation of Hemingway’s short stories is forthcoming.
  • Eight years of print New Yorkers on sale at ebay.
  • Computer reads bedtime stories so parents don’t have to? (Via Bookninja.)

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