This post was written by guest blogger Andy Fine.

IC Wales reports that a new publishing company plans to sell individual short stories in book form in cafes and train stations across the country — presunably only in Wales . . . .

The founders of Leaf – a University of Glamorgan spin-out company – believe they can tap into a ready market of people hungry for ‘something to read’.

Cecilia Morreau and Barrie Llewellyn want to create a platform from which writers can get short stories published and readers can rediscover the form.

The A6 books are designed to be small enough to fit into a pocket and each book will be a short story or short piece of non-fiction written by established and new writers.

As well as publishing new writing, it intends to republish great short stories of the past. The partners are inspired by the short works of Charles Dickens and DH Lawrence which gripped readers throughout Britain.


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