Knoxville parents object to The Color Purple

Maud here. I’m breaking on Annie’s clock* to note that parents in Knoxville, Tennessee have objected to an English teacher’s decision to assign Alice Walker’s The Color Purple as summer reading for students entering ninth grade this fall. The teacher intended the book to serve as preparation for “a lesson planned about molestation that was prompted by student interest in the Michael Jackson trial.”

The local paper misidentifies the author as Toni Morrison and implies that students entering ninth grade are 13, not 14 — or, okay, since it’s still summertime, nearly 14. (Use Bug Me Not to bypass registration screen.)

Funny how this sort of misinformation always seems to swirl around censorship debates…. and how it’s okay for teenagers to be exposed to the media blitz surrounding the Michael Jackson trial, but not to, God forbid, actual information about molestation.

* And wishing Lou Reid happy sleeping on that big, comfy armchair in the sky.


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