More delays; blame Richard Posner

I’d hoped to post a few things tonight, but I read most of Richard Posner’s article on media bias, having stupidly allowed the description to lull me into thinking that the Human Pentium Processor might be capable of nuanced thought. He isn’t.

And I have trouble typing when I’m spitting nails.

CNN is liberal? Oh, right, I forgot all those times that Rick “I invented sensationalistic TV news” Sanchez tried to drum up votes for John Kerry in the last election.

Media outlets are becoming more polarized? On what planet? Because last time I checked, most of the world had become Scott McClellan’s bitch. (Thank you, Choire Sicha.) Meaning, concretely, that the Bush administration issues its talking points, and the media report them as news.

There are exceptions, but they’re few and far between. I mean, much as I love The Daily Show, it’s not a substitute for reporting.

And I got your “economic analysis” right here [obscene gesture censored], Mr. Posner.

One of the most insidious aspects of conservative and libertarian fiscal arguments is the underlying assumption that left-leaning people are too stupid to understand basic economic principles or that their pie-in-the-sky, welfare-mother-embracing optimism prevents them from engaging with reality.

Well, I’m as math-averse as they come, but I’m not afraid of spreadsheets. And Posner’s unsupported musings on the economic realities of the contemporary U.S. media are such drivel that they should be dismantled point by point.

Right now, though, I’m off to tend to my bloodied fingers and use the back end of a hammer to pull the nails out of the wall.


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