Harry Potter and the Whatsit Thingee

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

Pottermania extends throughout the world and beyond:

  • In some pre-papal correspondence, the Pope claims that the Harry Potter books “erode Christianity in the soul before it can even grow properly.”
  • Meanwhile, Christian right proclaims Harry Potter a “godsend” for Satan. They must be on better terms than we thought.
  • And meanwhile, this investor’s blog declares “Harry Potter bigger than God.” Both Satan and God bereft at the news.
  • In China, the People’s Literature Publishing Company, who prepare the Chinese translation, is steeling itself to deal with the dozens of expected pirate Harry Potter translations, some of which will apparently bear very little relationship to the original.
  • Here in Canada, we just leak it early. Incredibly, the owners of the prematurely purchased books are under a gag order from a BC judge. (Since when are the contents of a book, distributed by publishers and sold to a willing public under normal retail circumstances, a secret?)
  • One editor’s not sorry he passed on Harry Potter. Not when fish scaling is so fulfilling.
  • Over at the Guardian, you can read entries for their competition to write a scene about the death of Dumbledore in the style of another author, including James Elroy, Kurt Vonnegut and Angela Carter.

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