That settles it: the Bad Wolf Corp.* really has permeated publishing

Publisher’s Lunch reports that Random House UK has announced a memoir contest in conjunction with popular British talk show hosts Richard & Judy. Writing skills not required.

Starting in October under the banner of “True,” the TV hosts will offer viewers the chance to pitch their fascinating life stories over the telephone. The winner will get “the chance to work with a world class writer and win a publishing contract with Random House, with a guaranteed advance of £25,000 plus royalties.”…. Viewers will select the winner from eight televised finalists, and the book will be published in May 2006.

(Emphasis supplied.)

* In an interesting article about the new Dr. Who series, Sam Leith argues that “the bad wolf has the same formal position in Dr Who as ‘WASTE’ in The Crying of Lot 49, or ‘the Entertainment’ in Infinite Jest, or the little comet motif that makes its way through David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.”

You can read a description of the relevant Doctor Who episode — in which the Doctor and Rose are trapped in futuristic reality TV and game shows where talent is immaterial (and the apparent penalty for losing is death) — here.

Prior evidence of the Bad Wolf’s involvement: Book Millionaire (the U.S.); a “literary” version of The Bachelorette, for books (Canada); and a debut novel competition and the winner (the U.K.).


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