Florida remainders

  • At Book Coolie, Jamaican-American poet, playwright and author Geoffrey Philp discusses the difficulty of capturing a credible Jamaican voice in fiction, particularly in light of “the yearly migration of Jamaicans to Miami, New York, Montreal, and London.” Some audience members at a Jamaica College book signing took exception to Philp’s decision, in his Benjamin, My Son, to have a Jamaican telemarketer living in Miami use the word “soccer” rather than “football” when referring to the American game.
  • Cubans and American preservationists unite to save Hemingway’s crumbling home outside Havana.
  • Florida State University — state rival to my alma mater — angles to win the top spot on the National Research Council’s ranking of creative writing programs, forthcoming in 1997. (Thanks for the link, Andy.)
  • So, Is It Done?,” an instructional DVD on “navigating the revision process,” is hosted by FSU’s Janet Burroway and features other Florida State writers, including Robert Olen Butler, Elizabeth Stucky-French, Ron Carlson, Rosellen Brown, and Michael Martone.


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