Bret Easton Ellis recognizes the marketing savvy of the amazing John Twelve Hawks*

This post was written by guest blogger Andy Fine.

This kind of marketing is all the rage these days, apparently.

An “official” website and a “fan” site devoted to the career of an actress called Jayne Dennis are not what they seem. Jayne Dennis is not a real person: she is a character in Bret Easton Ellis’s novel Lunar Park, due out next month, which the sites are promoting. It’s clever; except, why would browsers look for sites ( and devoted to a fictitious actress they’ve never heard of?

Courtesy of The Times Online.

*Full Disclosure: I am obsessed with both of these guys. Ellis wrote one of my favorite short stories of all time, and what’s not to love about a guy with the cojones to give himself the pen name “John TWELVE Hawks”? I guess ten hawks just weren’t enough.

P.S. I just discovered there is a slick Lunar Park website as well. Wave of the future, dear readers — good thing Maud has an excellent captive webmaster.


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