Book TV starts new reality show: Growing Up Bronte

This post was written by guest blogger Andy Fine.

A new reality show on Book TV will feature aspiring writers vying for the Bronte house in a Big Brother-meets-1800’s-House elimination tournament. Each week, two teams — the Published vs. the Unpublished — will compete in various literary challenges while simultaneously living in an authentic 1850’s environment. Some examples of planned challenges include:

  • A Haiku challenge, where writers must produce Haiku based on the ingredients found on cans of Dinty Moore Beef Stew.
  • A timed contest to see who can get their agent on the phone with the least number of annoying phone calls.
  • A contest to see who can actually still type on an old manual Underwood.
  • A Sylvia Plath trivia contest.
  • A contest to see who can come up with the most marketable pen name for a mysterious writer who “lives off the grid.”
  • The winner will get to keep Bronte’s house.

    OK, that was all a total lie. But Charlotte Bronte’s house is actually for sale for only 365,000.00 British Monopoly Dollars (I couldn’t figure out how to type the “pounds sterling” symbol). Click here for the article.


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