Blogging on the job

A publishing employee got canned on Monday after her employer discovered the very candid blog, now disabled, on which she detailed publishing’s secrets. Gawker has retained a sample:

with my co-worker leaving, my boss comes up with the brilliant idea that the five of us should start getting together every two weeks to talk amongst ourselves about title info, etc… so we all are working with the same information…. I have been telling her this FOR MONTHS!!!!!!!!! Regardless “her” bright idea was great — until she asked everyone else to leave except for me, and the two other girls I work with (one of whom is leaving in July) So, her second briliant idea, since she has no idea what we do anymore — is to ask us to first make a list of all of our current responsibilities. Warning bell starts humming here. That way we all have a clear idea of who’s doing what and that leads into the next part of the assignment. Meet amongst yourselves sometime in the next two weeks and discuss the workflow, what should change, who should take on what responsibilities, and come to her at our next meeting with a new heirarchy of responsibilities…. Okay BIG FAT RED WARNING BELL is screaming in my head now…. Why the fuck is this OBVIOUSLY excecutive decision being passed to a group of 27 year olds? A group, I should mention, that contains two completely self-absorbed, power hungry, egotistical sorority girls who already think they’re running the show by themselves?!?!?!?!?!?

Maybe the now-unemployed blogger should apply at Forbidden Planet.


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