Beware rapping white woman selling books from car trunk

The Secret Agent has been spending weekends playing hold ’em bombarded with manuscripts since the last “Ask the Secret Agent” Q&A appeared in November. Today the agent resurfaces briefly to provide a transcript of a recent call with a would-be author:

Yenta-ish sounding lady on the phone: “You’re a literary agency, right?

Me: Yes.

YSLOP: Ok, do you represent rap?

Me: Rap?

YSLOP: I mean a novel written entirely in rap. Verse.

Me: Oh. No, that doesn’t really sound right for us.

YSLOP: What should I do?

Me: Well, it’d be a tough sell to any publisher, and you may not be able to get an agent for it, so you may want to try to sell it yourself or publish it yourself.

YSLOP: Yes! Thank you very much for your advice.

For more in this vein see yesterday’s diary at Miss Snark. (Via The Old Hag.)


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