The people recommend

Jonathan Stern sends up Amazon’s recommendation-bot.

Thank you for purchasing The 76 Stages of Heartbreak by William Layman. Your order will be shipped shortly.

People who ordered this book also bought Healing Your Heart by Joanne Belonsky, The Lonely Planet Sex Tour of Thailand, and Getting Back on My Horse by William Shatner (audiobook).

Readers of this book also purchased CDs such as Gallagher Live: The Laughter Tour, The Tom Waits Collection, and William Shatner Sings the Blues.

They also enjoyed watching An Affair to Remember, Brief Encounter, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and Muppet Treasure Island.

They typically moved into Their Parents’ Basement, A Two-Month Sublet in the Futile Hope that They’ll Be Getting Back Together Soon, and A Squalid Isolated Studio Apartment which Serves as a Constant Reminder of How Pathetic They Are.


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