Remainders, with gunfire

  • “There’s madness afoot over the new Harry Potter book. A UK tabloid tried to score a stolen advance copy and bungled it, amid gunfire (gunfire!).”
  • A French scholar recently rediscovered Le Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine, an unfinished novel written by 19th-century novelist Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Christo). It appeared in book form for the first time today.
  • Oprah has selected three William Faulkner novels for her book club’s summer reading. (Background: writers plead with Oprah to restore focus on contemporary fiction. Chris Lehmann defends Jonathan Franzen’s ambivalent response to Oprah’s selection of The Corrections; Dennis Loy Johnson takes Franzen to task; Laura Miller regrets the chasm between readers of popular and literary titles. Two writers debate the merits of Oprah’s book club in a Bookninja piece.)


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