Rehabilitating Verne

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, co-proprietor of Making Light and prominent editor of speculative fiction, admires Maximus Clarke’s defense of H. G. Wells “against the odious John Miller,” but says:

it’s a bit underinformed on the subject of Jules Verne, who, it turns out, was a lot darker, more literary, and more interestingly political than the bowdlerized English translations would have you believe.

For a quick overview of the contemporary state of Verne, you can do worse than to read “The Rehabilitation of Jules Verne in America: From Boy’s Author to Adult’s Author– 1960-2003.”

Thanks, Patrick. I’ve been meaning to brush up on Verne since I happened upon the argument that the current understanding of his work is based on poor translations, a formula-happy editor, and Hollywood’s butcherings.


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