Divided Kingdom on these shores at last

Francesca Wodtke admires Rupert Thomson’s Divided Kingdom, and observes that, while writing it, Thomson

spent an alleged 6,700 hours in a ‘caravan’ (mobile home in American speak) located in an orchard in England…. [H]e shared this particular habit with a character in a former novel of his, who whiles away his golden years in a caravan in the middle of a field in England.

Meanwhile, at Salon, Andrew O’Hehir says:

For my money, “Divided Kingdom” is Thomson’s best yet; it might, in fact, be his “Brave New World.”

In April I left this excellent novel on a plane after reading a mere hundred pages. It took a month for another copy to arrive in the mail from the U.K. While I can’t agree that the book is Thomson’s best — they’re so different, it’s hard to pick just one — it ranks among them. (But be warned: an esteemed fellow fan of his work was disappointed. Also, the American cover art couldn’t be uglier.)


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