Within each pair, which do you rate as better?

I squandered the weekend. I didn’t write, answer email, pay bills, or do a single useful thing, except wash some clothes in the sink because I was too lazy to take them to the laundromat before it closed.

Last night I straggled out to Housing Works for the taping of Air America’s Liberal Arts pilot, hosted by Katherine Lanpher and featuring Jonathan Lethem, Eric Bogosian & Willie Nile. More on that later.

For now, stop by to see former MaudNewton.com guest blogger Jimmy Beck’s new Large Vibrating Egg, and Randa Jarrar’s resuscitated Rockslinga. Ms. Jarrar takes over at MoorishGirl.com on Fridays. Last week she responded to writer Alicia Erian’s elation at having a story placed in Penthouse:

“It’s absolutely thrilling to me,” Erian said, “because I’m a girl and I’m going to be in Penthouse, with my clothes on. I want to play with the big boys, you know? I want to have a manly career, go the route that men go. I don’t want it to be that women can’t have intensity about sex and have these ideas. It’s not just the territory of men.”

Yeah. I’m glad you got into Penthouse with a story about a man who rapes his girlfriend. You rock. And I love your contradicting stance on being a manly writer because sex should be women writer’s territory, too.

Also at MoorishGirl.com, Laila Lalami considers Ms. Erian’s explanation for the title of her debut novel, Towelhead.

Finally, as a follow-up to last week’s post about the London Review of Books personals, please read this funny but poignant sonnet from Robert Daseler’s Levering Avenue:

Classified Ad #1

Attractive, witty, trim, professional
Divorced Chicago woman with a child
Seeks open-minded, intellectual
(Non-pompous)man, mature and reconciled
To losses but inclined to carpe diem.
And please be also thin, or non-obese,
At least, and, vertically, from medium
To tall. Meeting all, or most of these
Desiderata, you may write a letter
Telling me what you like to read, and where
You’d like to live, and who you are, precisely.
Within each pair, which do you rate as better:
Chopin or Liszt? Dickens or Flaubert?
Behaving as one wishes to, or wisely?

Back soon.


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