Textbook trouble in Terminator Town

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

This is one of those news items that seems, at first, like a brilliant satirical hoax.

Conversational Reading reports on a news story in the Sacramento Bee (reg. required), which says that the state assembly has passed a bill which would limit textbooks to 200 pages:

AB 756 would force publishers to condense key ideas, basic problems and basic knowledge into 200 pages, then to provide a rich appendix with Web sites where students can go for more information.

Here’s the whole story.

Over at Return of the Reluctant, Ed worries that the bill might apply to novels and other educational materials as well as textbooks.

Other California educational reform measures may soon include restricting children’s height to save on building materials, and eliminating all extra-curricular activities to encourage kids to be more “self-directed”.


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