Remainders: the modern student edition

  • A Rocky Mount teacher has launched a wiki (a special kind of website that allows anyone to edit it) where teachers can share lesson plans, quizzes, final exams and more. He likens the site to “a process in Japan known as lesson study by which teachers intensively analyze and critique their own lesson plans … [and] the best lesson plans are sort of sifted to the top.” A quick look at the collaborate site turns up the teacher’s Great Gatsby quizzes and answers — posted for all the world, including his students, to see.
  • Junot Diaz (Drown) drew a large audience of teenaged Dominicans and other Latinos at a Boston library the other night. He spoke about his own background and encouraged the students to write. “You all have a new world we are desperate to hear from. We are so desperate for the stories you have to tell. That is the basic fundamental history of your community,” he said.


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