Fighting the repellent, hypocritical fight!

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

Corporate behemouth Wal-Mart likens the resistance to their proposed Supercenter in Flagstaff, Arizona to Nazi book-burning. Flagstaff’s Proposition 100 limits the size of so-called “Big Box” stores to 125,000 square feet. The measure would prevent Wal-Mart from building a new bigger store, to supplement the Wal-Mart that Flagstaff already has.

Campaign ads funded in part by Wal-Mart, show blurred images of “Nazi book-burning taken from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum archives and a close-up of a person’s mouth covered with tape.”

Reaction has been, er, strong:

“There was just the observance of the 60th anniversary of when the death camps were liberated,” said Frank Brandt, a former Air Force Lieutenant and co-chair for, a committee that supports the ballot measure…”We fought for freedom and democracy, not corporate greed,” he said. “The No campaign is trivializing these ideals.”

However, the ads do seem to be working.

Hey, Wal-Mart. Given the record? Probably not an appropriate choice.

*Thanks to Bookninja for alerting us to the story.


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