Book too sex-filled for author to predict which scene garnered sex award nomination

Nerve has announced the contenders for May’s Henry Miller Award. Readers can vote on what, ostensibly, is this month’s “top literary sex scene.”

Martha O’Connor, author of one of the nominees (The Bitch Posse), shared a little backstory in email yesterday:

When I announced the news on my website, I knew my mom would read it, and then read it again, and again, hoping desperately that she’d missed something and that I’d really been nominated for the Arthur Miller Award. “Nope, sorry, Mom,” I had to tell her, “it’s Henry. Henry. Yeah, that Henry.”

Soon after, a friend of mine emailed and asked which scene was nominated. “I assume,” she said, having read the first three chapters, “it’s your first chapter? That’s your big sex scene, right?”

“Um, well,” I said, “I don’t really know which scene they’re using…”

“You don’t know which scene it was? How many are there, for God’s sake?”


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