A Rocky Poe

Sylvester Stallone intends to direct a Poe biopic. Evidently he “has mulled over the idea for over 10 years and produced a screenplay, Poe, three years ago.” He once told Interview magazine that he “would never play Poe, because ‘there’s no way the baggage that I would bring to the role could ever be assimilated by the public’.”

We at MaudNewton.com (by which, as always, I mean me) are slightly obsessed with Poe and his Southern Gothic* fixation on dreariness, death and heartache. So you’ll have to excuse our inability to be at all optimistic about Stallone’s ability to evoke his troubled psyche. Not, of course, to unduly diss the formidable screenwriting talents of the man who brought us Rhinestone and Cobra.

See also:

* Shut your mouth. I don’t care where his stories are set; Poe was a Virginia boy.


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