Pamela Anderson’s breasts provide cross-promotion opportunities for Fox-owned publisher

You might not have picked up on this subtle prejudice, but we here at* wouldn’t piss on Rupert Murdoch if he was on fire.

(We’re willing to concede that Outfoxed was an uneven documentary, but it’s nevertheless a fine exposé of the abysmal state of American journalism, and we implore you to watch it.)

So while anyone who owned both a network and publishing company would use a book-themed TV show to cross-promote books, we are (irrationally?) annoyed by the cross-promotion scheme announced in a Fox-wide newsletter that went out to all of the company’s television subsidiaries:

Fox’s new comedy ‘Stacked’ with Pamela Anderson is set in the family-run ‘Stacked Books.’ For those looking closely, the book shelves are lined with the titles from Harper Collins authors. Books appear on the shelves based upon what’s currently high on the NY Times bestseller’s list. For now, that includes the recent book by former GE Chairman Jack Welch, Winning, Bob Dole’s World War II autobiography One Soldier’s Story, and Michael Crichton’s new Harper Collins thriller State of Fear. ‘Stacked’ won its time period with last week’s premiere episode, earning a 3.8/10 among adults 18-49 and returns tonight. Can’t make it into your local ‘Stacked’? Check out the online bookstore

And while we’re on the subject, the best recent story involving Murdoch comes from Jenny Diski’s profile of former Mirror editor Piers Morgan, who sold his memoirs of muckraking for a rumored £1.2 million:

His favourite mogul, his dream magnate, is, naturally, Rupert Murdoch. He whimpers with adoration about his first meeting in New York, where he is summoned to be sized up for the editorship of the News of the World:

Murdoch drifted in like a ghost, literally creeping up on us without any fanfare at all. I’d heard this was his deadliest weapon, his ability to just appear and scare the daylights out of you. It can be especially unnerving in the loo apparently. I mean, what the hell do you say standing next to the world’s most powerful tycoon with your flies open?

Well, Piers, what about something like: ‘Your penis is so very much bigger than mine, Mr Murdoch, sir, and I’d use your shit for toothpaste.’

* By which I mean that this opinion is solely that of the proprietor, who speaks only for herself and not for any of the contributors to this site.


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