Oxford American: the Southern food issue

I can’t wait to see Oxford American‘s forthcoming Southern food issue. A few of the things you can expect to find in it:

  • A piece on Cuban cuisine and culture* in Florida;
  • Carson McCullers “with a never-before-published gem in which she returns to her home state of Georgia, circa 1953”;
  • Lewis Nordan with an essay on the peculiar appeal of dog food;
  • John Egerton with a meditation on race and Southern food;
  • George Singleton, who’s now sworn off booze, on the best hangover cures he’s found;
  • Several writers, including Padgett Powell, waxing rhapsodic about their favorite Southern grub. Contributions from Yusef Komunyakaa (on roasted raccoon), James Alan McPherson (on Lowcountry boil); and
  • A consideration of Faulkner’s taste for fine wines by Barbara Ensrud.


* I can hear the chorus of my relatives now: “Florida?! Cuban food?! That’s not Southern.” I feel so vindicated. Now pass me the arroz blanco y frijoles negro and a plate of maduros. Not to mention a stack of pastelitos de guayaba y queso, which you can’t really get in these parts.


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