Doubt: joining the chorus

John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt, which focuses on a priestly sex scandal, won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Terry Teachout has been raving about the play for months, and he invited me to accompany him to last Friday’s performance — Shanley, coincidentally, made headlines for criticizing the Pope that day — in a new iteration at the Walter Kerr Theater.

I know it’s expensive. I never go to the theater. Even the half-price tickets are too rich for my blood. But if you can, if you’re coming to town, go. It’s one of the most complex and disturbing plays I’ve seen in years.

* I’m in the 7:55:30, as he was “scrawling [my] name on the ticket preparatory to depositing it at the box office” camp, if you must know. MNST strikes again. Sorry, Terry.


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