Happy weekend

That’s all from me for the week.

The whiskey-slugging Annie Reid of Vancouver, Canada, takes over tomorrow and most Fridays. She has just returned from gallavanting around The Lone Star State, where she used to reside, and reports:

I’m back, and holy shit am I tired. Not even I can drink that much and stay up that late every night without some repercussions. Reaffirmed: we love our Texas friends so very much, and thank god we moved away from Texas!

[M]y cat, Lou Reid,* is seriously pissed off at me, and woke me up for intimate discussions many times in the night.

So please speak softly and give the girl lots of room tomorrow, won’t you?

I’m working through a massive email backlog. Sorry about the delay. I really, truly am trying to go back through every last message. Right now, though, I have to take the wireless card out of my laptop, put it under some socks in a drawer in the other room, and do some writing.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

*See, it’s like the musician, but with Annie’s last name.


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