Happy birthday, big dead guy!

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

The 441st anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth is tomorrow, April 23rd. Over at the Guardian, Andrew Dickson dishes on spending three years studying the Bard. Here’s a page of Shakespeare links, and here is a delightfully condensed version of Pericles from Heaneyland, who reads this “lamest” of Shakespeare’s plays, so you don’t have to. And after reading this I can say, thank you for that!
To be insulting or insulted in an extremely literate and clever fashion, visit the Shakespearean Insulter. You can find a “revised” version of Hamlet’s famous soliloquoy here. Also, “Romeo and Juliet” as acted out by peeps, those little marshmallow chicks from Eastertime.

Over at Film Force, the Stax report gives an opinionated rundown of favorite Shakespeare on film. In some actually current Shakespeare news, the famous “Flower” portrait of Shakespeare, ostensibly painted in the Bard’s lifetime, has been confirmed by experts to be a forgery dating from the early nineteenth century. Stephan Greenblatt’s controversial new bio of Shakespeare, Will in the World, is on the longlist for the Samuel Johnson prize for nonfiction. Multiple reviews are available here. Celebrate by reading the complete works — hell, it’s Friday! Be a little madcap!

Hopefully, someone will get me at least a nice cake when I hit the big 4-4-1.


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