Current and past projects

  • JM Coetzee kicked off the 20th Cúirt Literature Festival with a reading from “his new novel, the as yet unpublished Slow Man, which explores the travails of an elderly amputee, who is trying to adapt to life after losing his leg in a traffic accident. ‘He’s the kind of man you could call an old codger,’ Coetzee informed us, ‘except that you probably have to be English to be a codger.'”
  • The Rake offers some revelations from a recent George Saunders reading. Among them: “Saunders attributes his first appearance in The New Yorker to then-new-editor Tina Brown’s desire to be hip by including something ‘trashy,'” and “Saunders’ early, Hemingway-influenced work is summed up by the author with the sentence ‘Nick walked into the Wal-Mart.'”


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