NYPL online

It holds not a candle to the British Library’s Shakespeare in Quarto or Canterbury Tales, or to the Gutenberg Bible online, but the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery is still pretty cool. It includes images from the NYPL’s collection of prints, maps, posters, photographs, illuminated manuscripts, sheet-music covers, dust jackets, menus and cigarette cards.

Among other things, browsers can find images of New York’s old libraries, including the original Astor Library at Lafayette Place:


And in the NYPL’s “African American Women Writers of the 19th Century” online collection, you can read the work of Emma Dunham Kelley-Hawkins, who, after being outed as a white woman last week, is due “to be reforgotten.”

Meanwhile, The Millions reports that a Suffolk County library is allowing borrowers to check out “iPod Shuffles preloaded with audio books.”


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