Until soon

That’s it from me for the week. The yarn-spinning, name-calling, and generally delightful Annie Reid takes over this site tomorrow and most Fridays.

At this point, I’d normally say, “see you Monday.” But I don’t know. My grandmother’s just had surgery for cancer, and I may need to fly South to see her. Also, work’s picking up, there’s writing to be done — and sometimes a girl even a bigmouth like me just needs a little time to herself.

So I’ll be back pretty soon. I’m just not sure exactly when. And I’m working through a massive email backlog, so please bear with me.

Meanwhile, in case you’ve been living in a cave, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the way press passes are doled out and retracted in this fine nation of ours. (Via I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Democracy!)

Have a good weekend.


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