TMN Tournament of Books day two: Tuck v. Boyle

Did you know Choire Sicha’s favorite book is Joan Didion’s Play It As It Lays?

God, how I worship Didion, especially for that one essay in Slouching Towards Bethlehem about running off to the corner store in her bikini after playing in the sprinklers with the baby.

I’ve been rereading her Miami lately, to remind myself of the way everything went down there in the 80’s, during my childhood (Mariel and the Overtown riots especially). While Didion plays a little fast and loose with details on occasion, she captures the insanity of that place and time better than anyone else.

Anyhow, Sicha renders the latest verdict for The Morning News’ Tournament of Books, deciding between Lily Tuck’s The News From Paraguay and T.C. Boyle’s The Inner Circle. If you’re keeping track, which you probably aren’t, you now know which two books I had to decide between.


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