The state of Irish poetry

Dogmatika reports:

Marxist historian and author Terry Eagleton feels that the Irish Times has dropped him as a book reviewer for daring to criticise Nobel prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney.

Writing in his diary for the New Statesman, Eagleton says he wrote a poem satirising a self-congratulatory EU event Heaney gave his seal of approval to, which was subsequently published in the paper’s literary pages, “only because they hadn’t a clue what it was about.”

Eagleton continues, “Once the penny dropped, all review copies and telephone calls ceased instantly. This is a splendid thing. In the old Ireland, you were censored for criticising the Virgin Mary. Now it’s Seamus Heaney. That’s progress. “

If Heaney has taken the place of the Virgin Mary, Brendan Kennelly must be the Pope. According to the Independent, he’s “more famous than Seamus Heaney…. In Dublin, he can’t walk down a road without being stopped by a stranger.”


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