Space: the final frontier … of delicious cooking?

Pasha Malla, an occasional guest blogger in these parts, unites with Mike Baker to craft a cookbook pitch that could’ve been written by Ricky Gervais:

With a range of CHARACTERS as delectable and delicious as any all-you-can-eat buffet you could ever get at the retirement home, Star Wars offers to the discerning chef a realm of possibilities as infinite as the universe, which is actually shrinking. From the succulent, vaguely nutty flesh of a “Leg of Tauntaun,” to the equally tasty “Crown of Ewok,” the characters of Star Wars have long been ignored for their CULINARY POSSIBILITIES (i.e., limitless).

That is why our book, Use the Force … of Cooking? (Delicious!): Star Wars Character Cookery for the Culinary-Inclined Humanoid Life Form, should be added to your catalog faster than a Rebel Speeder destroying the reactor shield base on Endor.


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