Sicha v. reporters: round one

Yesterday Terry Teachout pointed to a Detroit News columnist’s jeremiad about journalism students’ failure to read newspaper columns. Teachout urged his readers to “notice what four-letter word is missing from the column: blog.” He went on:

could it be that the most immediate effect of the blogosphere on the mainstream media will be to make columnists obsolete?

While I don’t want to rev up the crystal ball too far this morning (I have to finish writing a column for a newspaper, as it happens), I’ve been wondering exactly what place the old-fashioned newspaper column still has in the new world of on-line opinion journalism, with its unprecedented blend of immediacy, interaction, and diversity of view. Reporting, yes: that continues to make sense, and it’s not going away any time soon, though its nature will doubtless be transformed as newspapers come to terms with the blogosphere.

(Emphasis on final sentence supplied.)

Hey, here’s a hope: maybe as reporters come to terms with the blogosphere, the entire world will cease to be “Scott McClelland’s bitch.”

(Would somebody please get Choire Sicha a month-long press pass and me a front-row seat?)


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