Remains of the day

A few things:

  • In the Guardian, Leonie Frieda lists her Top Ten biographies of historical figures. A bit heavy on the British monarchy, but fascinating nonetheless.
  • Also at the Guardian, Blake Morrison finds Marcel Proust and P. Diddy to be kindred spirits of a sort, upholders of an esteemed literary tradition: the long overdue manuscript. Morrison, himself eleven years overdue on a book, laments (understandably) that the lawsuit against the Puffster could set a bad precedent and suggests a return to gentler times.
  • Moby points to this story on exiled, banned Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen whose books have earned her a sentence in absentia for making derogatory comments about Islam. She’s trying to move to India’s West Bengal, which shares her native Bengali language, since she’s not welcome back home.


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