On the other hand, maybe you do have to walk on your knees through the desert

This post was written by guest blogger Susan Ramsey.

Over at The Academy of American Poets they spent the month of January doing literary CPR, trying to jolt a pulse from our post-holiday sensibilities by posting a short essay on poetry every day. While it may be pushing it to call them “debates and manifestos,” and while there are a certain number of fish-in-a-barrel pieces (and in spite of the fact that the Academy stubbornly declines to include National Book Critics Circle nominee and all-round dandy poet Bob Hicok in their “Find a Poet” gallery,) you can always count on Joan Houlihan to keep the conversation liiiiiively.

I date my affection for her from the day she referred to Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese” as the “Desiderata” of our generation….


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